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Double Knob Mentors

Living on Double Knob Mountain is a blessing and as such it is felt that we should give back to the Gilmer community at large. Many of our residents have asked about doing more for the betterment of Ellijay and one area that comes to mind is the elementary school system. After some investigation, it was determined that the Ellijay Elementary School could use funding assistance in Arts, STEM, and other student targeted programs. Recently, a meeting was held with the principal of the Ellijay Elementary School (EES) to finalize the Double Knob Mentors Project. All went well and Double Knob Mentors is ready to start receiving donations. A pdf copy and a Word doc copy of the Official County Donation forms are included on this page below.

Note that there is a section of the form where you may indicate how you would like the donation used. Also of note is that the donation may be used for tax purposes. Remember to make a copy of the completed form for yourself. In order to track how well we are doing, we ask you to return the completed forms and your contributions to Jeff Nichols who will keep a running tally of our activity and deliver the funds to the school principal. The enthusiasm for this project has been exciting and it is hoped to be reflective of your generosity.

This web page will be updated on a regular basis to indicate progress of our donation project.

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