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 The pdf document below is a strategic plan and budget to address several issues on Big Ben Road. Until now, this roadway has been graded and over coated with Crusher Run and M-10 Fine Mix on an as-needed basis without a comprehensive look at the entirety of need for Big Ben’s problem areas. This outline is an overall plan with the full knowledge that currently available POA funds will not cover the full cost of the project. The problem areas identified herein can be addressed at the same time normal ‘touch-up’ maintenance is conducted on a regular basis.

One mile of Big Ben Road from the mailboxes to the bottom of Gobbler Knob Rd is comprised of four hills and five other relatively flat areas that have been scraped down to the bedrock. In this one-mile stretch, there are eight areas of concern. In the pdf document, you'll see these areas identified on maps on pages 3 & 4. There is one other area on the other side of the Gobbler intersection making a total of nine areas in this strategic plan. Marek Bass, our Road Contractor,  estimates that one-day equipment and labor (cost $1200) would cover grading ‘touch-up’ on all of Big Ben and distributing appropriate rock to the area of greatest need. Using this method will take advantage of maintenance grading equipment being on site and applying labor costs more efficiently.


FY2024 Plan


Using a 5-6 week maintenance schedule, we can estimate 10 visits from Marek Bass Construction for the 2024 fiscal year. If it’s assumed that 90% of FY2023 contributions from property owners will be made in FY2024, approximately $27,500 would be added to the POA checking account reserve. This would give the POA working capital of $49,500 for FY2024. The chart below contains a projection of $18,300 in FY2024 expenses for road maintenance reflecting 10 visits from Marek and 6 distributions of rock on areas of concern on Big Ben Rd.


The end of the POA Maintenance area at the hairpin turn on Big Ben, the under road culvert is is need of repair. This culvert has deteriorated over time and the catch basin overflows during heavy rain. It is estimated that this culvert can be replaced and the roadway repaired at a cost of $4,000 - $4,500.

The pdf document below contains further details.


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